The Hunna malware protection device secures USB memory devices used to transfer files to computers in sensitive environments within, and between, armed forces, government authorities, etc.

Through a customised whitelist for approved files, anti-virus controls and potential custom-made control modules, the information is cleaned from potential infections when transferred from an infected USB memory device to a clean USB memory device, which is completely erased when initially connected to Hunna malware protection device.

In the process, suspected files are put in quarantine on a third USB memory device, which enables separate analysis through other tools.

Highest level assurance

The Hunna malware protection device is built to the highest assurance levels, and offers maximum transparency for relevant agencies, which includes permitting complete code and physical reviews by the national authorities. The construction is Swedish, from design and throughout production.

The Hunna malware protection device has a number of built-in security functions, and is being designed to be able to be used in environments with secret information.

The Hunna malware protection device can be updated with virus definitions from commercial providers using a method that eliminates connecting the device to any network. Updates are managed through a dedicated update server with strong protection.

Security functions

  • Antivirus programs to check all files transferred from source to target.
  • Whitelist to approve which file formats can be transferred from source to target.
  • Quarantine for suspected files.
  • Erasing of target and quarantine USB memory devices when initially connected to Hunna.
  • It is physically impossible for any information from a USB device to remain on the Hunna malware protection device.
  • The Hunna malware protection device cannot be booted from a USB device.
  • Write-protected disc eliminates risk of infection of the Hunna device.
  • The Hunna malware proctection device and all security functions, including the custom-built hard disc controller, have been developed and produced in Sweden.

Optional security function

- Verification function to block computers from reading USB devices that have not gone through the Hunna malware protection device. This option requires customisation on computers receiving the USB memory device.


The Hunna malware protection device is provided in two versions; desktop, and rack mounted (1U 9.5" half rack) for placement in command vehicles, etc.

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